Pool Tables

Rustic Pool Tables

Log pool tables add a unique look to any entertainment or game room. They’re durable, and we can customize them to fit your vision, using a variety of woods or other features like inlays, painting, wood-burning  and more.

Beauty & Durability

For your pool table, we often use high-quality cedar wood, which not only has a gorgeous look, it’s also tough. Cedar pool tables are also resistant to moisture, rot and insects. If cared for properly, there’s no reason one of the tables can last for a lifetime.


Each log pool table we produce looks different from the one before and after it. This is because we hand craft each table, peeling away the outer layers of every log by hand. Then we carefully carve and assemble the rustic pool tables based on your specifications.  Our experienced workers have been making wood furniture all their lives, and they’ve simply found no other way to create the high quality furniture our customers seek.

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Who We Are

Utilizing the native Minnesota resource of Northern Minnesota White Cedar, Cedar Log Furniture offers beautiful hand-crafted log furniture.