Quality Cedar Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to log bed furniture, quality is most important. You want something that not only looks beautiful, but will last. We build all of our cedar log bed furniture with beauty and longevity in mind. This means we start by hand peeling wood to bring out the lumber’s natural beauty. For this reason, your cedar log bed, night stand or dresser will be one of a kind, as each piece of wood is different.

To ensure you get the highest quality, we use native woods, which allow us to thoroughly examine all our materials. This helps us provide wonderful character in our furniture and increase the longevity of each piece.


Your customizations will also set your cedar bedroom furniture apart. Our team will often use cedar, but many other types of wood are available. They will also work to find the right sizing and insert a variety of custom artwork to be inlayed, burned or painted into the wood.

To get started on the search for the perfect cedar log bed, night stand, dresser or other piece of furniture, browse through our catalog below for ideas. If you don’t see what you want, keep in mind our experienced workers can easily make customizations. Give us a call today to find out more.

Who We Are

Utilizing the native Minnesota resource of Northern Minnesota White Cedar, Cedar Log Furniture offers beautiful hand-crafted log furniture.