Handcrafted Log Furniture

You want custom log furniture that lasts and stands tough against the elements. That’s why our craftsmen have perfected a process to customize the furniture you need, while maintaining a high standard of beauty and durability.

Unique Furniture

Though we offer a number of styles, no two pieces of handcrafted log furniture are alike. This is because our workers hand-peel each log to leave a smooth, natural sheen that maintains the natural character of the wood. Choose from all sorts of woods—cedar, pine, oak, ash and basswood—to get the right fit for your home or cabin.

Minnesota White Cedar

Natural wood, carefully shaved, cut and crafted is beautiful, but Minnesota white cedar offers more than just beauty. It carries a pleasant smell, and is more durable than most other woods. The reason comes from where it grows, lowland swampy areas. The trees build up a natural resistance to moisture, rot, insects and are lightweight. It’s no wonder why our custom cedar log furniture is so popular. It can easily last a lifetime.

Find the perfect handcrafted log furniture today by browsing through our catalog and then giving us a call to discuss your available options.

Who We Are

Utilizing the native Minnesota resource of Northern Minnesota White Cedar, Cedar Log Furniture offers beautiful hand-crafted log furniture.